2016 NFL TV Schedule for Cord Cutters: Week 8

October 27, 2016

Cord Cutter Guide to Watching Week 8 of the NFL Season

If you are just now tuning in and missed the NFL action last week; boy, did you miss a doozy. In addition to watching the Philadelphia Eagles crush Minnesota’s dream of a perfect season, we also got to see the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks blunder their way to a somewhat rare 6-6 tie.

So how could the action get any more entertaining? Let’s take a look at some of this week’s top match-ups; and then dive into how to watch Week 8 of the NFL without cable.

Let’s get started!

Thursday Night Football – October 27

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans, 8:25 PM, NFL Network

Prediction: The winner of this match-up will have simply made less mistakes than their opponent. Both teams are going through QB growing pains, but neither of them should be (given how long these guys have been in the league). On the Jaguars side you have Blake Bortles, who after a top-ten year at the position, has started his 2016 campaign with more interceptions than I can count. And on flip side of the ball you have Marcus Mariota, who with his high draft pedigree (2nd pick overall) should be much further along in his development. Both seem to have the talent, and the players around them to make it work, so let’s see who is going to turn their season around. Can’t wait to find out.

How to Watch TNF without Cable

Thursday Night Football only airs on the NFL Network channel this week. Sometimes it airs on CBS, sometimes on Twitter, but this week, NFL Network is the only game in town. To get this channel you really have three options: 1) you can sign up for NFL Game Pass (more details below), 2) you can sign up for Sling TV’s Blue Package, OR 3) you can sign up for PlayStation Vue’s Core Slim (or higher) package. They each offer a free trial, so this week would be a great time test out one of these new services.

Watching NFL for Free with an Antenna

The easiest way to watch the NFL without cable, regardless of what week it is, is to get an over-the-air antenna. With a simple OTA antenna, you can pick up available broadcast networks in your area; which typically includes the aforementioned CBS, NBC, and Fox. There are no monthly fees, no costs (minus the initial purchase), and you get thousands of hours of free entertainment for years to come.

Even if you don’t like football, that’s still a great deal.

The only catch to the whole thing is that you don’t get to choose what games airs in your area, which means you might not get to watch the game of your choice. See the broadcast maps below for more details…

Sunday Football – October 30

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills, 1:00 PM, CBS

Riding high off of defeating Pittsburgh, the Patriots will be looking for a little payback against Buffalo. Earlier this month the Bills handed the Patriots their first, and only, defeat of the season. Unfortunately for the Bills, they won’t be facing the third string quarterback this time around; so we should not be expecting a repeat.

CBS Broadcast Map:

CBS Single

Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints, 1:00 PM, FOX

After failing to either win or lose last week against the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks are going to be looking for a more definitive end to this week’s match-up against the New Orleans Saints. Although the Saints have struggled defensively, offensively the Saints been doing great at home; averaging 36 points per game. That’s good for New Orleans because, stacked up against Seattle’s solid defense, they’re going to need all the help they can get. This game also gives struggling QB Russell Wilson the opportunity to turn his season around. For a quarterback, throwing in a dome is nothing short of awesome, and I for one, really hope to see Russell take advantage of it.

FOX Broadcast Map:

FOX Early

Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons, 4:25 PM, FOX

Building off of a strong win from last week, the Green Bay Packers hope to beat the Atlanta Falcons for the fifth straight time. But despite the streak, don’t expect this to be a low scoring affair. In their last meeting, the Falcons proved that they were more than able to keep up with the Packers; and I expect this instance to be no different. Let’s go Julio!

FOX Broadcast Map:

FOX Late

Maps were provided by 506Sports

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys, 8:30 PM, NBC

This has all the hallmarks of a great match-up. The Eagles, already a strong looking team, are flying high after knocking the Minnesota Vikings down a peg and tarnishing their perfect season. Dallas, on the other hand, has been cooking with gas and hopes to extend its five game winning streak to six; and let’s not forget that both teams will be led by rookie quarterbacks (one of which may be playing for his job: Dak I am talking to you!). Get ready for some great Sunday Night Football.

Monday Night Football – October 31

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears, 8:30 PM, ESPN

Lots of moving parts here… On the Minnesota side of the ball you have a dominant defense, and an offense who started out very hot, but has cooled off in recent weeks. In my humble opinion, they need to start feeding their talent – i.e. Jerick McKinnon & Stefon Diggs. If they can do that, then this team can be special. On the Chicago side of the ball, you have musical chairs at the QB position. First Cutler is the guy, then he is benched for Hoyer. Then Hoyer gets hurt and now Chicago is forced to go back to Smoking Jay Cutler. Can’t help but love the drama.

To access games on ESPN you will need to sign up for Sling TV, or PlayStation Vue’s free trial. Both of these services offer ESPN as part of their core packages, and pricing ranges from $20 – $30 a month.

Someone in your family not too keen on watching Football on Halloween? Then check out our Halloween Viewing Guide for Cord Cutters.

Every Game with NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is an on-line streaming streaming service that allows you to watch every single NFL game in a season for $99. Not only that, you also get access to classic Super Bowls match-ups, coaches films, streaming access to every NFL game from 2009 to present, and a whole lot more.

You won’t be able to live stream the games, unfortunately. But, you can watch them immediately after the broadcast ends. As long as you have your trusty OTA antenna, you can watch the local games first and then tune in to the match-up you’ve been waiting for once the live action ends.

What are your picks for this week? Will the history repeat itself and give the Bills another win? Can Dallas keep the streak alive? Let us know in the comment below or sound off on social media!

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