2017 NFL TV Schedule for Cord Cutters: Divisional Playoffs

January 14, 2017

Watching 2017 NFL Divisional Playoffs Without a Cable Bill

With the conclusion of the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs, we are one week closer to the conclusion of another stellar season. How did you picks for last week go? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

This week we have the Divisional Playoffs, which pits eight of the best, and arguably the luckiest, teams in the league. And if you’ve just made the switch from cable, or are still thinking about it, then you’re probably wondering how you can watch the Divisional Playoffs without a cable subscription or any monthly fee at all.

Well don’t worry, because today that’s exactly what you’re going to find out. But before we show you how to watch the NFL playoffs without cable, let’s take a look at the matches we have for this week.

Saturday Playoff Games

Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons, 4:35 PM, Fox

Historically speaking, this could be a tough one for the Seahawks. Seattle has lost eight times in a row when playing as road underdogs in the playoffs. However, in the last two meetings the Seahawks have beaten Atlanta, so there’s no reason to think they can’t do it again. Ultimately, these are two excellent, but inconsistent, teams; which means who’s the victor is will depend on which team shows up on Saturday.

Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots, 8:15 PM, CBS

This is a playoff game that has massacre written all over it. In their last meeting, the New England Patriots slaughtered the Texans 27-0… and that was with their third string quarterback. With legendary/future hall of famer Tom Brady at the helm, it’s going to get a lot worse. It’s not impossible that Houston could win, or at least cover the spread, but it’s going to be an uphill battle to do either.

Sunday Playoff Games


Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys, 4:40 PM, Fox

This is probably going to be the game of the week, if only because we’re going to see two historic teams, with different styles, duke it out. At the start of the season, no one thought the Cowboys would make it this far. And likewise, many would have said the same thing about the Packers around November. In a showdown between an experience Green Bay and a young but explosive Dallas, either side could come out on top.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 8:20 PM NBC

The outcome of this game is going to depend on a couple of variables. As one of Pittsburgh’s most valuable players, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be a key player. All season he’s been beset by injuries, and although he’s likely to play it’s unsure whether he’ll be 100%. On the other side of the equation, the Chiefs have a younger but healthier team and the home field advantage. If either team wants to win, they’re going to have to press every advantage they have.

Okay, so now that we know who’s playing, let’s find out how to watch the Divisional Playoffs without cable!

Watching the NFL Playoffs with an Antenna

The first and only thing you’re going to need this weekend is an over-the-air antenna. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, they’re the rabbit ears of the 21st century and can give you access to every broadcast network in your area for free, many in 1080i HD. Even if you’re not a sports fan, it makes a great source for any cord cutter (local news, weather, top-rated series, and more).

For the purposes of the playoffs, this little thing will give you access to NBC, Fox, and CBS. There’s no sign up, no service charges.

So what are your picks for this week? Let us know in the comments below! I’m guessing  Seattle, New England, Kansas, and Green Bay. Last week I went 2/4 so let’s see if I do any better.

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