6 TV Premieres You Can’t Miss this Spring

March 24, 2016

Spring has already sprung and with it, the new spring television season has begun. In the next few weeks, some of TV’s finest shows will begin their new seasons. If you’re a cable cutter, watching these shows might be as easy as firing up your digital antenna and sitting down to be entertained. And if your show isn’t on a standard local network, there are still plenty of legal ways to watch. Here are six upcoming Spring premieres you don’t want to miss – and you don’t have to!

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is based on a series of books by George R.R. Martin. Since the books already had a large fan base, the show has been quite popular ever since it began airing on HBO five seasons ago. Currently about to enter its sixth season on April 24 at 9 PM ET, this season of Game of Thrones marks the first that will surpass the content of the books and go off on its own as a television show. With a war raging between good and evil, this new season will be one that shouldn’t be missed.

So how can you watch Game of Thrones without cable? One of the best ways to watch the premiere without cable is on HBONOW. While not a live stream, it will be available at the same time it airs on television (yes, I know…splitting hairs).

2. Empire

The first season of Empire was nothing short of a smashing success. The series about the life of a music mogul and his family was the number one new show, and was the number two scripted series, behind The Walking Dead (not a bad place to be, either).

So far, the second season hasn’t disappointed either. The spring, mid-season premiere happens on March 30 at 9 PM ET. As Empire is on FOX, most people will be able to watch the show, without incident, using a digital antenna.

3. Fear the Walking Dead

Created as a prequel companion series to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead is AMCs newest in the line of zombie apocalypse shows. Set in the space in time where Rick Grimes was in a coma, Fear walks us through the beginning of the outbreak, when walkers still looked like people.

New episodes begin on April 10 at 9 PM ET, just a week after the 90 minute The Walking Dead finale. You can catch Fear the Walking Dead episodes on Hulu or during the live stream on PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. You can learn more in my guide.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

While Netflix has made waves with revived TV series like Fuller House as of late, their original programming is quickly becoming their bread and butter. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the most hilarious Netflix originals offered to date. Created in part by Tina Fey, Kimmy Schmidt is a 29-year-old getting used to life in New York City after growing up in a doomsday cult in Indiana. As you can imagine, Kimmy deals with plenty of drama in her quest to gain the life she was robbed of as a child. The second season, in its entirety, will appear on Netflix on April 15.

5. The Odd Couple

Like the 1960s version, this remake of The Odd Couple has Oscar Madison (Matthew Perry) and Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon) getting an apartment together when their wives both kick them out, only to discover that when it comes to living with someone, sometimes opposites don’t attract! The Odd Couple premieres on CBS April 7 at 8:30 PM ET. As The Odd Couple will be airing on CBS, the best way for most people to watch will be through the use of a digital antenna. That said, if you prefer viewing online CBS All Access is a great, low-cost alternative.

6. Banshee

Banshee will begin its final season April 1 at 10 PM ET on Cinemax. The action series about an unnamed ex-con that assumes the role of deceased sheriff Lucas Hood from Banshee, Pennsylvania has been one of the most successful undertakings from Cinemax, in the original series department. Fans that have watched the last four seasons unfold won’t want to miss this premiere and to finally see how things end.

Despite Cinemax being a premium network on cable, thanks to Sling TV, you can still watch this and other Cinemax shows. If you have Sling TV, you just need to add on Cinemax, and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t Miss TV Premieres the Rest of This Spring

Watching your favorite premieres is simple, even if you’ve cut the cord. All you need is a little planning to determine what you need to watch, and how you need to watch it. Thanks to more and more people cutting the cord each year, more content is being made available through streaming services, and this will only continue to grow as more people continue to make that decision.

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