Channels is a Great Alternative to Rising Cable Bills

March 06, 2014

comcast rising rates If anything can encourage consumers to cut the cable cord it may well be the impending Time Warner Cable and Comcast merger. The merger will create a cable behemoth, controlling approximately x% of the US broadband and cable market. It’s fair to take a look and see how this merger might affect a consumer who hasn’t cut the cable cord yet.

Price–The average American pays $84 a month for cable TV. Yes, that’s right. $84 to watch television (though the chart shows rates in Oregon). Given the pricing history of each company it’s safe to say that prices are only going to go in one direction–up. In the past, Comcast violated an FCC agreement stating it was to provide and promote an affordable broadband package to cord-cutters. Due to Comcast’s violation of that agreement, the FCC fined Comcast $800,000 in June 2012. According to ABC News, the FCC reported a 5.8% rise in cable TV bills from June 2012-June 2013, compared to a 3.7% increase for all goods and services. Furthermore, Consumers Union reports a 30% rise in cable bills over the past five years, nearly three times the rate of inflation.

tcsr_topbottomfirms1Service–According to CNet, both cable companies rank near the bottom of the 2013 Temkin Customer Service Ratings (TCSR) which looked at 235 companies across 19 industries. Time Warner ranked 234 out of 235 companies and Comcast fared slightly better with a ranking of 229. Clearly, the merger isn’t going to improve service, more likely the combined company will just continue its race to the bottom.

One of the reasons prices keep going up while service goes down is that the cable companies have had little to no competition in their respective markets. Mohu’s Channels is ready to change all that.

Mohu Channels, available at a discount on Kickstarter,  is ready to cause some serious disruption in the TV industry. Consumers will finally have a choice in how they get their channel guideTV content. Channels combines Mohu’s top selling Leaf antenna to bring consumers over-the-air (OTA) content,  an Android-based box that brings in streaming content known at OTT such as Netflix and Amazon Instant and a web browser. OTA+OTT+Web. Once a consumer buys Channels he is in control of his content. Want Netflix? Feel free to subscribe. Don’t want a monthly fee and would prefer to pay as you go–Vudu does just that. With a Channels device, consumers are no longer at the mercy of the cable companies. Mohu provides great customer support and a guarantee on all its products. Channels is only for sale on Kickstarter–buy one today and spread the cord-cutting love.

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