College Basketball Schedule for Cord Cutters: February 2017

February 04, 2017

How to Watch College Basketball Without a Cable Bill

Football season might finally be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you have to unplug from the world of sports until fall rolls around again. Whether you know it or not, college basketball is still in full swing and there’s little more than a month to go until March Madness kicks off.

But until we get to that fantastic time of the year, there’s still plenty of regular season play to keep us interested; and the best part is that you don’t need a cable subscription to tune in. In fact, if you simply enjoy the sport and aren’t set on watching every game for a given team, you could get your fill of college basketball using just one simple device; and it requires no subscription and no monthly fees.

Watching College Basketball Over-the-Air

One of the best tools you can have in order to watch college basketball without cable is an over-the-air (OTA) antenna.

OTA antenna is just a fancy way of describing the modern iteration of the old rabbit ears antennas we all grew up with. Far more advanced than its ancestors, the OTA antenna can give you all of the network television you know and love but with far better results.

We’re talking 1080i HD, a sleeker design, and far fewer reception problems. With few exceptions, you’ll find that you don’t have to do any complicated dances  to get a crystal clear signature; making it the perfect cord cutting alternative for anyone wishing to ditch cable.

College Basketball OTA Schedule

For our  basketball watching purposes, you’ll find that there are quite a few games going on in the month of February; and many of them air on network television. Don’t believe me? Check out the OTA schedule for college basketball in February:

February 4th

  • Pittsburgh vs. Duke, 12:00 PM, CBS
  • Xavier vs. Creighton, 2:00 PM, FOX

February 5th

  • Indiana vs. Wisconsin, 12:00 PM, CBS

February 11th

  • Marquette vs. Georgetown, 11:00 AM, FOX
  • Kentucky vs. Alabama, 12:00 PM, CBS
  • Villanova vs. Xavier, 1:30 PM, FOX

February 12th

  • Michigan vs. Indiana, 12:00 PM, CBS

February 18th

  • Villanova vs. Seton Hall, 11:30 AM, FOX
  • Kansas vs. Baylor, 12:00 PM, CBS
  • Colorado vs. Oregon 2:00 PM, FOX

February 25th

  • SMU vs. Connecticut, 11:00 AM, CBS
  • Florida vs. Kentucky, 1:00 PM, CBS
  • Creighton vs. Villanova, 2:00 PM, FOX
  • Duke vs. Miami, 3:00 PM, CBS

February 26th

  • Syracuse vs. Louisville, 1:00 PM, CBS

Now as you might notice, you won’t get every single basketball game that airs on television. But you do still get a fair amount, and if you’re someone that likes watching their sports on the cheap, it’s the perfect solution.

College Basketball on WatchESPN

However, if you’d like to pad that viewing schedule with a little more NCAA basketball, then another option you might want to consider is WatchESPN. Even if you’re a diehard cord-cutter, chances are still good that you have high-speed internet service. That means that if you subscribe to one of the many participating internet service providers, you can access to stream ESPN3 for free by logging in with your internet account credentials. There are a couple of catches to be mindful of:

  • Works on your home network only. If you’re hoping to stream ESPN3 at work, you’re out of luck.
  • No access on major streaming devices. Your ISP credentials won’t suffice on Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV or PlayStation 4.
    • If you’ve got a laptop and an HDMI cable, you can always connect your computer to your TV this way to enjoy ESPN3 content on the big screen.

And guess what station airs a lot of college basketball? That’s right, ESPN 3. You won’t get every single game but it will significantly expand the number games you have access to without having to pay for a monthly TV subscription. I call that a win-win-cha-ching (enters cash register sound).

Are you getting your bracket ready for March Madness? Who do you hope makes it to the tournament? Let us know in the comments below or sound off on social media!

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