Cord Cutter’s Guide to Sports in August

August 04, 2015

Summer is Almost Over but the Sports Season is Just Beginning


August is the magical time of the year where kids start going back to school and the summer decides to kick off its final month with scorching hot weather. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the start of NFL football, August can’t come and go quick enough. But while most of the excitement has been saved for the fall season, there is still plenty of events in August to look forward to. Let’s get started!



US PGA Championship



From August 13th through the 16th, enjoy some of the finest golfing you are like to all year. Only the best golfers in the world make it to the PGA Championship; and for the elite golfers fortunate enough to make it to the tournament, the stakes could not be any higher.


This year the PGA Championships will appear on CBS and TNT. In order to watch the PGA Championships on CBS, all you need is an Over-the-Air antenna. To watch the Championships on TNT, you’ll have to sign up for Sling TV. It’s $20 a month, but you also get 23 other live channels for streaming whenever you’re done with the tournament! Trust me when I say you get the bang for your buck. To see if you like it, I suggest their 7-day free trial.


Here is how the PGA Championship schedule looks right now:


  • 8/13 Round 1: 2-8PM EST (TNT)
  • 8/14Round 2: 2-8PM EST (TNT)
  • 8/15Round 3: 11AM-2PM (TNT)                  2-7PM (CBS)
  • 8/16Round 4: 11AM-2PM (TNT)                  2-7PM (CBS)



Red Bull Air Race World Championship


Do you like racing? Do you like airplanes? Well, what about if we put them together? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you’re not going to want to miss the Red Bull Air Race World Championship from 8/15 to 8/16.



Sponsored by the world famous energy drink, pilots will have to race against the clock as the weave in and out of pylons and tight turns if they want to boast the top time and name of Champion. This year the air race will air on FOX as well as on Red Bull TV.  If you want to watch on Red Bull TV, all you need to do is download the app with your computer, Smartphone, or streaming device.


To watch on FOX, all you need is a simple OTA antenna



Return of College Football

college football


If you were anxiously awaiting the return of football, then wait no longer because college football officially returns on August 29. From here on out it’s going to be nothing but football for the next several months. The first game of the season will pit the North Dakota State Bison’s vs. the Montana Grizzlies at 3:30 pm on ESPN.


To watch the game, you’re going to need a Sling TV subscription; but trust me when I say you’ll need it this football season. Approximately 44 percent of college football games air on ESPN, including half of the college football playoffs; so if you don’t want to miss a minute of the action, that’s what you’ll need.


The first game may not be the most earth-shattering, but if you’ve been dying for some gridiron action this will sate your appetite until the big games come on.



Return of NFL Football


Another reason for football fans to rejoice? The return of NFL with a slew of pre-season NFL games this month. The pre-season action kicks off with the NFL Hall of Fame Game featuring Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota on August 9 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. That means you can tune in with your over-the-air antenna.


The pre-season action really gets into full swing with Week 1 beginning August 13-17. Check out the full schedule to see when your favorite teams are playing. Chances are good that you’ll be able to catch most of the games for free over-the-air, but you have plenty of other options as a cord cutter for watching NFL games without cable.


US Open

us open


Rounding out our list of August sporting events is the US Open. Like the PGA Championship for golf, the US Open is where some of the best tennis players in the world come to show off their skill. The Open is the last of four Grand Slam Tournaments and easily one of the most exciting.


The US Open will air on ESPN, start on August 31 and end on September 13. Like some of the others on the list, you’ll need Sling TV to catch all the action.


Take heart sports fans!


Though summer sports may sometimes leave you wanting more, the wait is nearly over. And with the sporting events discussed today, there should be more than enough to keep you going until zero hour!


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