Cord Cutter’s Guide to Sports in July

July 06, 2015

Watching Tennis, Baseball, Cycling, Soccer and Golf without a Cable Bill


Ahhh summertime. Regardless of whether you’re a kid with too much energy or an adult with a mortgage; there is still something special about that time of the year when the days get longer and the nights get hotter.


For many sports fans, the summer can seem a bit like purgatory; where one has to silently suffer until the next season starts. However if you’re the kind of person that loves athletics, regardless of the sport, then there are plenty of games and tournaments to keep your appetite sated until your favorite game resumes regular season play.



Sports in July


The month of July is filled with exciting spectacles and events for sports fans of all kinds; and today I’ll go over some of the more notable events to keep you occupied until fall starts rolling around. While some of the summer sports action is relegated to cable subscribers only, there’s a respectable amount also available over-the-air with an HDTV antenna or for an inexpensive online subscription fee (which can be canceled at anytime, without penalty, unlike most cable/satellite subscriptions).






Kicking off the month of July is the one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in tennis: The Wimbledon Championships. Over the course of two weeks, dozens of champions and wannabes will duke it out on the court for the most celebrated championship in tennis. The tournament will last from Jun 29 to Jul 12.


This year, the bulk of coverage will take place on ESPN; with a handful broadcasts being split up between ABC and ESPN2. To watch Wimbledon on ABC, all you need is a simple over-the-air antenna and you are good to go!


To watch the vast majority of Wimbledon matches, however, you will need a subscription to the streaming service Sling TV. It’s costs $20 a month, and for your money you get access to over 20 streamable live television channels; ESPN and ESPN 2 included.


If you would like to see the full broadcast schedule for Wimbledon, click here.



Tour De France


Next up is the most famous cycling event in the world: The Tour de France. With hundreds of competitors from around the world, the Tour de France is a grueling 23 day 2000+ mile race that spans the width and breadth of France.  The Tour de France will start on July 4 and end on the 26th.


In previous years, the Tour de France was spread out among different broadcasters on different stations; but this year the race belongs to NBC. Breaking with the tradition of airing it on TV, NBC is actually offering a full coverage live stream for only $30.


With that $30 you get live coverage, online analysis, and the ability to pause and rewind the stream. Unfortunately it’s only available online, and as of now there is no television broadcast. If you’d like to get full access to the world’s most famous bike race, click here.



The British Open


Known simply as “The Open” in the UK, the British Open is the oldest golf tournament in the world. Every year the British Open attracts all of the top players in Golf; and with a $1.5 million prize, who could blame them?  This year’s tournament will take place at “The Old Course” in St. Andrews Scotland.


This year, broadcast rights are “shared” by ESPN and ABC. I say “shared” because both networks are owned by Disney and so “sharing” is used in the loosest of terms. Both networks will air the tournament, with ESPN airing it live and ABC airing the rerun of the tournament the same day.


The British Open starts on July 16 and ends on the 19th. If you would like the full schedule of the British Open, click here.



MLB All-Star Game


Do you like baseball? Do you want to see all of today’s greatest players going head-to-head in one single exciting game? Then you’re in luck because the MLB All-Star Game is taking place this month. Yes, everyone tends to forget about good old baseball during the summer; but the league is alive and kicking this month.


The game starts on July 14 and airs at 8pm on Fox, simple as that. If you’re slapping your head and going “Oh yeah I completely forgot about baseball!” then have no fear. There are still plenty of games to catch this month; and if you’re interested in seeing what MLB has in store for you this month, click here.



2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup

2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup

If you didn’t get enough soccer excitement during this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, fear not. Another round of international play is coming to to a TV near you this month. The 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup kicks off July 7th and lasts through July 26th, and coming off of the US Soccer Women’s National Team’s impressive victory earlier this month, the US Soccer Men’s National Team should feel the pressure to step up and defend their 2013 Gold Cup title.


Like the Women’s World Cup, Fox Sports snagged much of the broadcast rights. To watch much of the early rounds, you’ll need a cable login. However, all four of the quarterfinal matches as well as the third place match and final will be broadcast over-the-air between FOX and Univision. For the full tournament schedule, click here.


While the summer may not be as slam packed with exciting events like the fall, don’t count summer out yet. Be it cycling, golf, or baseball; there is something for everyone out there. The best part about it all is that you don’t need cable to enjoy any of it; and if you ask me, that makes it all worth it.


Dave Kennedy is a long time cord cutter who became increasingly frustrated with the high cost of Cable TV and decided to make a stance. In 2011 he launched, a site dedicated to helping people save money through providing simple, cost-effective cable TV alternatives. Since then, David has helped 1,000s of people cancel their cable subscription while keeping the shows they love.

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