Cordcutter Chronicles: News, Trends Week of 9/12

September 19, 2016

The Cordcutter Chronicles: Your weekly dose of what’s happening in cord cutting.

  • With the return of pumpkin spice lattes comes the Fall 2016 TV premieres – all free over air with your Mohu HDTV antenna.
  • TiVo’s new BOLT+ DVR with its 3TB capacity and 4K support is really cool, but not if you’re a cordcutter.
  • Twitter launched its new live-streaming app for Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One and Apple TV, and you don’t have to have an account to watch content.
  • The scuttlebutt is that there is a new version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick making its way through the process at the FCC.

Free 2016 Fall TV Premieres

Broadcast for free in HD, you can view all the new and returning shows from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW with an over air TV antenna.

Check out all the listings from your favorite networks on the  TV Guide’s Fall TV Premiere calendar.

And just in case you missed it…

On Monday, September 12th the live TV show Dancing With The Stars brought audiences back to their feet for season 23.

In a surprising turn of events cast members and the audience were shocked when a disruptive surprise occurred on the dance floor. Contestant Ryan Lochte; controversial olympic swimmer who lied to Brazilian police in Rio this summer about having been assaulted, was confronted by two anti-Lochte protestors.

The two uninvited spectators were almost immediately stopped by security guards and taken away, but it definitely left the announcers and dancers a little bit shaken up!

Other premieres this week included the Blindspot on NBC and Thursday Night Football on CBS.

TiVo BOLT+ Offers No Support For OTA Recording

At the CEDIA Expo; September 13 – 17th in Dallas, TiVo launched its newest hardware, which, while exciting, was unfortunately not cordcutter friendly.

The BOLT+’s 3TB internal hard drive and six internal TV tuners can be used by cable and satellite subscribers.  There is a monthly fee for BOLT+’s TiVo service in addition to the hardware costs.

The TiVo BOLT+ is TiVo’s newest and most powerful new product, however it does not support over air recording as the previous 1st generation BOLT did.

This seems like a strange omission considering the growing number of consumers who are cutting the cord, and the likelihood that those cordcutters will be seeking OTA DVRs to purchase in the future.

What Does TiVo Have for Recording OTA Broadcasts? 

Even without the BOLT+ cordcutters still have options, as there are still a few TiVo hardware options available that work with over air antennas.

In the TiVo Outlet a refurbished TiVo BOLT (500GB) is currently available for $149.99 with the 1TB option a touch more at $224.99 with free shipping to most US locations. Both require a $14.99 a month subscription fee for TiVo service.

On Amazon the TiVo Roamio OTA 1TB with No Service Fees should be one to consider if you are a cordcutter looking for a DVR, onscreen guide, and streaming integration with the ability to add external storage if needed.

The Roamio OTA has TiVo service included in the hardware price (a helpful selling point) as well as having 4 internal tuners, 1TB of storage and the perks of TiVo usage (Unified Search & Watchlist, SkipMode, QuickMode, and Streaming Apps – Amazon, Netflix, Hulu).

Twitter Live Stream Launch Good For Cordcutters

Hoping to boost its following, Twitter is getting into the game of live streaming with the launch of their app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The social media service will be streaming 10 Thursday Night Football games for free, in addition to its other live stream content from Periscope and Vine.  Games from Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Hockey League (NHL) are expected to follow.

Twitter’s live streaming comes at a time when other companies are introducing free streaming services like Yahoo View.

New competition means even more ways to get free entertainment, making cordcutters very happy!

New Amazon Fire TV Stick In The Works

Documents filed at the FCC would indicate that Amazon is looking to launch an updated Amazon Fire TV Stick sometime in late October or early November. The FCC is currently reviewing a proposal from Amazon regarding this new product, but no word on the product’s specs or pricing.

Current versions of the Fire TV Stick have recently undergone a major software update, however the last hardware update for the hardware was in October of 2015 with the introduction of support for 4K content.

It’s likely the 3rd generation Fire TV Stick will have a faster processor, continued 4K support and voice integration, the latest Bluetooth enhanced connectivity with a variety of game controllers.  Undoubtedly it will support the latest WiFi connectivity and provide even more storage options for apps.

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