DIY: Customize Your Mohu Leaf and Mohu Curve Antennas

May 26, 2015

Customize Your Mohu Leaf or Mohu Curve Antenna


Part of the appeal of our paper-thin Mohu Leaf antenna is its minimalist aesthetic. We love that so many cord cutters have appreciated that it’s so thin and reversible. And when we released our Mohu Curve antenna, we kept some of those same design concepts in mind. Sleek, subtle, but with a more pronounced structure that can sit on a shelf or TV stand without sticking out like a sore thumb.


What you may not know, though, is that our Leaf and Curve antennas can also serve as a blank canvas ripe with potential for creativity and customization. In the past, we’ve highlighted how you can paint your antenna to blend into your existing room decor. Whether you paint your Leaf to match your walls or your Curve to blend into the background, you can virtually make your antenna disappear (while still enjoying HD broadcasts for free).


For the more adventurous cord cutters, you can go beyond simply decorating to disappear and instead add flair to your antennas to showcase your individuality. A few of our more creative colleagues recently had some fun decorating our Leaf Metro, Leaf 30, and Curve 30 antennas to suit the playfulness of their little ones.


What We Used

  • Super glue
  • Thick shoe strings (for tails)
  • Self-adhesive scrapbook paper (base layer of each decorative antenna)
  • Non-adhesive scrapbook paper (for additional layers)
  • Self-adhesive jewels
  • Felt (in various prints)


Things to consider: avoid using metal of any kind as this can interfere with signal reception. Also be sure to test your antenna in your location before adding any custom decorations. Once it’s decorated, it can’t be returned.


Sporty Curve 30 for the Game Room


In case you missed it, Microsoft recently announced over-the-air TV support for their incredibly popular Xbox One gaming console. Gaming cord cutters can hook up a TV tuner and Mohu antenna to Xbox One and enjoy a seamless gaming and broadcast TV viewing experience.


We think this is a great opportunity to fully transform your game room into a cord cutter’s oasis. And we had some fun with decorating a Curve 30 to fit the bill. One of our mini Mohuligans, Nick, is now the proud owner of this sports-tastic custom antenna.


Sporty Game Room Custom Antenna



Mohu Leaf Fit for a Princess


Maybe you’ve got a tiny dancer in your family who wants to enjoy TV with picture quality that even royals would envy. We crowned our Mohu Leaf and concealed the coax with the antenna equivalent to a formal gown train.


Mohu Leaf Fit for a Princess



For the Animal Loving Cord Cutter – Leaf Metro & Leaf 30


We let our wild side take over with these animal inspired creations. The Leaf Metro was perfect for applying some floppy dog ears and a felt snout was the perfect camouflage for the part of the antenna where you attach your coax!





Show off your creativity by sharing your custom antenna creations with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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