Hulu Binge Watching Guide for Summer

July 26, 2016

TV series, movies, original programming and Showtime as an inexpensive add-on option, all make Hulu a fantastic choice for cord cutters who want to binge watch all summer long!

Hulu shines in its ability to stream recently aired television programming from multiple networks including many which are otherwise only available to cable or satellite TV subscribers. This is a great service if you are a cordcutter and it’s also perfect for anyone without a DVR who just wants to catch up on their favorite programs. The Hulu app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and is found on most smart TVs and streaming media players.

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, take advantage of Hulu’s free 2-week trial, which allows you to view their service before you subscribe to their $7.99 a month limited-commercial version. Subscribers can cancel or hold their service whenever they like. They can also enjoy a free trial of the Showtime add-on option or opt in for commercial-free viewing through simply logging into your Hulu account and changing their plan.

Here’s a sampling of the fun and diverse programming options you can enjoy on Hulu all summer long!

Hot Hulu Originals

Awesomes (30 episodes)

Adult animated show by Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live fame. 

Casual  (14 episodes available with Season 2 coming soon and recently renewed for Season 3.)

A Golden Globe nominated dramedy worth watching. 

Deadbeat (36 episodes)

Pothead medium. “Nuff said.”

Difficult People (8 episodes with Season 2 coming later this year)

Raunchy, comedic fun!

The Mindy Project (91 episodes)

Network’s loss is Hulu’s gain. So funny!

The Path (10 episodes)

Twisted psychological drama with cult-like tendencies.

11.22.63 (8 episodes available)

Historically based science fiction thriller.

Tempting TV: Past & Present

American Pickers (23 episodes)

Blue Bloods (111 episodes)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (68 episodes)

Cake Boss (28 episodes)

Catfish: The TV Show (70 episodes)

Crime Inc. (12 episodes)

Family Guy (269 episodes)

Fear the Walking Dead (6 episodes)

Fraiser (264 episodes)

Good Morning America (598 episodes)

Long Island Medium (51 episodes)

Louie (61 episodes)

Modern Family (22 episodes)

Mork and Mindy (39 episodes)

Nashville (86 episodes)

River Monsters (12 episodes)

Sons of Anarchy (92 episodes)

South Park (284 episodes)

Survivor (259 episodes)

The Amazing Race (292 episodes)

The Biggest Loser (199 episodes)

The Brady Bunch (91 episodes)

The Millionaire Matchmaker (106 episodes)

The Real Housewives of Orange County (188 episodes)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  (17 episodes)

The X-Files (202 episodes)

Top Gear USA (62 episodes)

Wicked Tuna (15 episodes)

16 and Pregnant (61 episodes)

Advanced Video Search

If you just can’t seem to find what you want to watch on Hulu, try out the Advanced Video Search option located in the upper right hand portion of your screen.  If you don’t see it right away, enter something into the main Hulu Search box and click enter. On the new page the Advanced Video Search option should appear in blue.

When you click on Advanced Video Search you will open up a window that gives you several options to refine your search.

An easy way to find something from a specific network is to put the name of the network in the Network box.  “FX” or “Comedy Central” for example, and click enter. You will then see all the program episodes available on Hulu for that network.  From there just click and watch whatever you like or do another Advanced Search using new information.

There are other ways to search for content on Hulu as well including checking out Hulu’s Recommendations, viewing New or Recently Added content, Trending Now, Popular Shows or Genres.

Be sure to check out the Help Center for more information and tips as to how to become a happy Hulu binge watcher this summer.

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