Introducing Mohu Leaf Glide Indoor HDTV Antenna

June 26, 2017

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to the Mohu HDTV antenna family: Mohu Leaf Glide. Our goal with Leaf Glide is to challenge indoor HDTV antenna reception standards by giving folks a product that doesn’t just pick up more TV stations but can also improve weak signals for higher quality reception.

Leaf Glide is available for purchase at and for $89.95.

What Makes Leaf Glide Unique

Mohu Leaf Glide stands out from the rest of the Mohu Leaf antenna family due to its larger size. Measuring in at 21.5″ x 11.5″, Leaf Glide is nearly twice the width of the original Mohu Leaf antenna while still boasting the same award-winning paper-thin, reversible, and omni-directional features.

Bigger is better when it comes to antennas and Leaf Glide proves just that. Its modified size and enahnced design featuring patented SignaLift technology allows Glide to pick up more channels, including difficult-to-reach VHF that other indoor antennas can’t access, in much higher quality – all so you can have the best entertainment experience available over-the-air.

Combined with its patented Jolt amplifier, cellular and FM signals are filtered out, letting you pull in a clearer picture, receive more channels, reduce dropouts and increase your overall experience with broadcast television.

“Our mission is to continue evolving and innovating the cord cutting experience for consumers,” said Mark Buff, founder and CEO of Mohu. “As the number of people who cut the cord on Pay TV continues to rise, we know that access to quality channels matters. Through continuous improvements to our existing antenna models, we built Leaf Glide to do just that – give consumers access to the best live TV choices of any other indoor antenna on the market.”

Leaf Glide Product Features

Beyond its unique size and patented SignaLift technology, Leaf Glide boasts the following features:

  • Up to 65-mile reception range
  • Optimized for VHF and UHF reception
  • Amplified with patented Jolt TV amplifier, filters out FM and cellular signal interference
  • Includes 16′ high-performance coaxial cable
  • Paper-thin and reversible (black and white)
  • Push pins and hook & loop tabs included for easy installation

Setting up Leaf Glide is as simple as plugging it in and scanning for channels. Finding the ideal placement is also simpler since it by default covers more reception area with its larger size.

“With Pay TV prices skyrocketing, more people than ever are turning to Mohu to help them watch their favorite shows,” said Buff. “By adding Leaf Glide to our product line, we’re excited to help more cord cutters soar into free TV, giving them access to the live TV content they enjoy.”

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