Keep Up With the Republican and Democratic Conventions

July 11, 2016

To say this Presidential election has been unusual would be an understatement. The primaries were hard fought and the wide range of candidates created some seriously interesting interactions.

In turn, ratings have been through the roof for this election cycle as everyone wants to tune in to watch all of the drama. In hopes of increasing ratings, senior advisor to Donald Trump, Barry Bennett, even mentioned the idea of Trump speaking every night of the convention instead of the traditional format of the nominated candidate speaking on the final night of the convention.

We over at CutCableToday are preparing for the election by letting everyone know how easy it is to follow along with the ongoing political cycle without cable. Below are some of the biggest events and ways to watch online.

Republican National Convention (Our Guide)

Quicken Loans Area, Cleveland, Ohio: July 18th – July 21st

Democratic National Convention (Our Guide)

Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: July 25th – July 28th

There will be tons of coverage everyday of both conventions including speeches, commentary, and interviews. CBS will be one of the big channels broadcasting a lot of this coverage. They will have their experts analyzing and discussing every speech or statement made during both conventions. Of course other channels like ABC, NBC, FOX News, and MSNBC will be dedicating huge amounts of broadcast time to the conventions as well. So, there will be plenty of options to watch.

Watch the Big Network Coverage with Your Antenna

While you might not get 24/7 coverage, you can still get a lot of important convention coverage with your antenna. In 2012, the major broadcast networks gave about an hour of coverage to the conventions each night. Of course, with things likely to be a bit more out of hand this year, that could change. Whatever the case, if you don’t need to sit glued to your TV for hours on end, your antenna will likely suffice for coverage. Find out which antenna will work for you.

Watch CNN Coverage without Cable

One of the channels not mentioned above that will have tons of political coverage will be CNN. The channel obviously offers tons of TV time to any large political events and for the conventions they will offer coverage before, during, and after. It will be a one-stop shop for coverage and you can watch CNN and the convention coverage in multiple ways without cable.
We’ve got a full guide to watching CNN online over on our site and below are a couple top options:

Sling TV

A subscription streaming service from Dish Network, Sling TV lets you live stream cable channels for a monthly fee. In total, you can watch more than 20 channels live online for only $20 per month. CNN is one of the channels included, as well as ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, AMC, and several others.

You can watch the conventions live streaming on your tablet, phone, computer, or TV by using devices like Chromecast or Roku. Sling TV is compatible with just about every major device, so they make it easy to watch after subscribing. There is even a free trial on Sling TV, which if timed correctly could let you watch one of the two conventions in full for free.

PlayStation Vue

A service structured nearly identical to Sling TV, PlayStation Vue is offered by Sony. CNN is once again available to be live streamed, but PlayStation Vue offers more than 50 additional other channels as well. The extra channels come at a higher price, $29.99 per month, and there are less options in terms of streaming. Once again, there is a weeklong free trial for PlayStation Vue, so you could be watch some of the conventions online for free.

Watch all the Political Coverage You Need with your Antenna Plus Sling TV

My go-to combination is my Mohu Leaf 50 combined with my Sling TV subscription. Not only does this combination give me all the news coverage I can watch, but the same goes for sports and entertainment. So give it a shot! Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

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