March Madness 2017: Full Schedule, Game Times, and Match-Ups

April 03, 2017

Update 4/3/2017: The Championship match-up is set!

For college basketball fans young and old, the month of March is a time of pure joy; something similar to having Christmas, the 4th of July, and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. It is a time of grit, celebration, and athletic prowess; it is that wonderful time we all have come to know as March Madness.

That’s right, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is here once again; which means it’s time to bust out those brackets and turn on that television.

If this is your first season without cable, or maybe you’re just thinking about cutting the cord, we’ll show you how you how to watch March Madness without cable and give you a quick peek at the first round of games we’ve got coming up.

Channels You’ll Need to Watch March Madness

If you want to watch March Madness without cable, then there are four channels you are going to need. Those channels are: CBS, TBS, truTV, TNT.


While many of the earlier games will take place on the other three channels, CBS will get the majority of the later games; including ALL of the Final 4 and the championship game itself. That means you can watch 24 games of the tournament for free over-the-air.

After March Madness ends, that little antenna you picked up will still be able to give you thousands of hours of free entertainment; so it’s worth the investment.

Streaming Services

In order to get the complete package for March Madness, you’ll need a subscription to a service like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue.

For a more complete overview of what these services offer, check out our Cord Cutter’s Guide to March Madness, or head to our March Madness edition of Untangle.TV for the simplest, most affordable combination of devices and services for you to watch all the tournament games.

**All times in Eastern Time, over-the-air games in bold

First Four

Tuesday, March 14

  • New Orleans vs. Mt. St. Mary’s, 6:40 PM, truTV
  • Wake Forest vs. Kansas State vs. 9:10 PM, truTV

Wednesday, March 15

  • C. Central vs. UC Davis, 6:40 PM, truTV
  • Providence vs. USC, 9:10 PM, truTV

First Round (Round of 64)

Thursday, March 16

  • Notre Dame vs. Princeton, 12:15 PM, CBS
  • Virginia vs. UNC-Wilmington, 12:40 PM, truTV
  • Butler vs. Winthrop, 1:30 PM, TNT
  • Gonzaga vs. South Dakota St., 2:00 PM, TBS
  • West Virginia vs. Bucknell, 2:45 PM, CBS
  • Florida vs. E. Tennessee St., 3:10 PM, truTV
  • Minnesota vs. Middle Tenn St., 4:00 PM, TNT
  • Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt, 4:30 PM, TBS
  • Maryland vs. Xavier, 6:50 PM, TNT
  • Villanova vs. Mt. St Mary’s, 7:10 PM, CBS
  • Mary’s (CA) vs. VCU, 7:20 PM, TBS
  • Purdue vs. Vermont, 7:27 PM, TBS
  • Florida State vs. Florida Gulf Coast, 9:20 PM, TNT
  • Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech, 9:40 PM, CBS
  • Arizona vs. North Dakota, 9:50 PM, TBS
  • Iowa State vs. Nevada, 9:57 PM, truTV

Friday, March 17

  • Michigan vs. Oklahoma State, 12:15 PM, CBS
  • Baylor vs. New Mexico State, 12:40 PM, truTV
  • Arkansas vs. Seton Hall, 1:30 PM, TNT
  • Oregon vs. Iona, 2:00 PM, TBS
  • Louisville vs. Jacksonville St., 3:10 PM, CBS
  • SMU vs. Providence/USC, 3:10 PM, TNT
  • North Carolina vs. Texas Southern, 4:00 PM, TNT
  • Creighton vs. Rhode Island, 4:30 PM, TBS
  • Kansas vs. NC-Central/UC Davis, 6:50 PM, TNT
  • Dayton vs. Wichita State, 7:10 PM, CBS
  • Duke vs. Troy, 7:20 PM, TBS
  • Cincinnati vs. Kansas St., 7:27 PM, truTV
  • Miami (FL) vs. Michigan State, 9:20 PM, TNT
  • Kentucky vs. N. Kentucky, 9:40 PM, CBS
  • South Carolina vs. Marquette, 9:50 PM, TBS
  • UCLA vs. Kent State, 9:57 PM, truTV

Now the match-ups beyond the first round have, obviously, not yet been determined, but here’s a look at the game times just so you know when to watch. We’ll update with the appropriate teams once they’ve been set.

Second Round (Round of 32)

Saturday, March 18

  • West Virginia vs. Notre Dame, 12:10 PM, CBS
  • Villanova vs. Wisconsin , 2:40 PM, CBS
  • Gonzaga vs. Northwestern, 5:15 PM, CBS
  • Florida State vs. Xavier, 6:10 PM, TNT
  • Butler vs. Middle Tennessee State, 7:10 PM, TBS
  • Arizona vs. St. Mary’s, 7:45 PM, CBS
  • Florida vs. Virginia, 8:40 PM, TNT
  • Purdue vs. Iowa State, 9:40 PM, TBS

Sunday, March 19

  • Louisville vs. Michigan, 12:10 PM, CBS
  • Kentucky vs. Wichita St., 2:30 PM, CBS
  • Kansas vs. Michigan St., 5:15 PM, CBS
  • North Carolina vs. Arkansas, 6:10 PM, TNT
  • Oregon vs. Rhode Island, 7:10 PM, TBS
  • Baylor vs. USC, 7:30 PM, truTV
  • Duke vs. South Carolina, 8:30 PM, TNT
  • UCLA vs. Cincinnati, 9:30 PM, TBS

Sweet 16 (Regional Semifinals)

Thursday, March 23

  • Oregon vs. Michigan, 7:09 PM, CBS
  • Gonzaga vs. West Virginia, 7:39 PM, TBS
  • Kansas vs. Purdue, 9:39 PM, CBS
  • Arizona vs. Xavier, 10:09 PM, TBS

Friday, March 24

  • North Carolina vs. Butler, 7:09 PM, CBS
  • Baylor vs. South Carolina, 7:29 PM, TBS
  • Kentucky vs. UCLA, 9:30 PM, CBS
  • Florida vs. Wisconsin, 10:09 PM, TBS

Elite 8 (Regional Finals)

Saturday, March 25

  • Gonzaga vs. Xavier, 6:09 PM, TBS
  • Kansas vs. Oregon, 8:39 PM, TBS

Sunday, March 26

  • Florida vs. South Carolina, 2:20 PM, CBS
  • North Carolina vs. Kentucky, 5:05 PM, CBS

Final Four

Saturday, April 1

  • Gonzaga vs. South Carolina, 6:09 PM, CBS
  • UNC vs. Oregon, 8:39 PM, CBS

National Championship

Monday, April 3

  • Gonzaga vs. North Carolina, 9:20 PM, CBS

So what’s you’re craziest pick for March Madness? Do you have Florida Gulf Coast making it to the Sweet 16? Or maybe do you have Troy for the upset over Duke? Let us know in the comments below or sound off on social media!

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