Mohu AirWave Lands on Best of CES 2017 Lists

January 16, 2017

What happens in Vegas fortunately does not stay in Vegas when it comes to our newest product announcement, Mohu AirWave. From January 3-7, 2017, we had a team of Mohuligans showing off AirWave to a steady stream of technology reporters and industry professionals who were eager to learn more about this device into which we’ve put many months of team work, lessons learned, long nights, weekends, etc. to develop.

So, what did they think? Take a look at the highlights of Mohu AirWave from CES 2017.

“10 of the Coolest Gadgets from CES 2017” –TIME

While cord-cutting has improved the binge-watching experience in many ways, its Achilles heel has always been its lack of local broadcast TV offerings. Antenna maker Mohu hopes to address this with its new AirWave…

“Best of CES 2017: This Year’s Most Interesting Gadgets” –WIRED

The Mohu AirWave won’t magically make cord-cutting easy. But it definitely makes it easier, and every little bit helps.

“Best Tech of CES 2017” –Mashable

Cord cutters, your local channels are back.

“CES 2017 Awards: Best New Tech” –Tom’s Guide

Mohu AirWave won for Best Cord Cutting.

Mohu Airwave eliminates that hassle by acting as a totally wireless system… Now, every TV in the house can access broadcast networks.

“Some Things We Might Buy in 2017: A Realist’s Guide to CES” –The Wirecutter

The most interesting thing to come to TV antennas is from Mohu, the company that pioneered the flat antenna with the Leaf.

“9 gadgets I saw at the biggest tech show of the year that you might actually want” –Business Insider

Mohu has been making simple HDTV antennas for years, but the AirWave is its first stab at making them smarter.

“Attention cordcutters: Mohu AirWave bundles your local TV channels into handy app form (hands-on)” –CNET

…streaming worked perfectly smoothly — indistinguishable from the Netflixes or Hulus of the world.

“The World Just Moved One Step Closer to Cord-Cutter Utopia” –WIRED

AirWave pulls in a broadcast signal like any antenna, but from anywhere in your home. No need for an ungainly cord.

More importantly, it pushes live content to an app that lives alongside Netflix, Amazon Video, Sling, and others. Live TV becomes just another app.

“Introducing The Best of CES 2017 Finalists” –Engadget

Mohu seeks to rid OTA antenna users of that unsightly cord that runs up the wall to most TV accessories.

“Cord-cutting gear from CES that’s most likely to find a place in our living rooms” –TechHive

Don’t want to clutter up your living room with an antenna? Mohu’s AirWave antenna could do the trick.

As tempting as it may be to bask in the glow of such high praise coming out of CES, we’ve got work yet to do! Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for the nationwide launch of Mohu AirWave later this Spring.

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