Mohu Channels Now Available: Streaming + OTA + Web

March 09, 2015

Last spring, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us bring a dream of ours, Mohu Channels, to life.


With 1200+ backers in our corner, we successfully funded the project in just 2 days. To say we were blown away feels like an understatement.


Over the course of the last year, we’ve been working with beta testers and our amazingly supportive Kickstarter backers to test, iterate, update, rinse, and repeat. All of which has led us to where we are today: the official release of Mohu Channels.



What is Mohu Channels?


It’s the world’s first device to marry over-the-air broadcast television, over-the-top streaming services, and Web content into a single, customizable TV guide.


Mohu Channels | Now Available

Mohu Channels – Now available for purchase.


Mohu Channels works in conjunction with an HDTV antenna. Digital Television signals are broadcast over-the-air and represent the premium viewing experience at full 1080i HD. All major TV networks and thousands of local broadcasters in every city are available free of charge over-the-air. That means no more uncool cable bills or square satellite contracts and more money in your pocket. Want to dig into Channels even more? Visit the Mohu Channels page for product highlights, press reviews, and more.


Mohu Channels setup

Mohu Channels connects to your HDTV antenna and to your TV to combine OTA, OTT, and Web content in one guide.


Cord cutting has gained massive momentum and is a reality for millions of Americans today. We are on a mission to give cord cutters the widest array of options they need to watch TV seamlessly at a price they can afford. Mohu Channels does this by breaking down the traditional walls of paid TV and locked set-top boxes. By providing a device that combines any content viewers want in one place and with a personalized channel guide, we’re making the TV experience open and personal. -Mark Buff, our fearless leader & CEO


Mohu Channels Features and Functionality


Plug in your HDTV antenna to your Mohu Channels device and you can customize your setup with content from OTA broadcast stations like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and PBS; streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus; and web content from YouTube or virtually any other online source. Your Mohu Channels device is also designed to be easily updated with new features through its firmware update system.


  • Universal Remote – The QWERTY backlit keyboard and built-in air mouse are specifically designed to make searching for new content online easier.
  • Time-Shifting – Allows you to store up to 30 minutes of television, giving you the ability to pause, rewind or fast forward OTA TV shows at your convenience.
  • Side-Loading – Allows you to view your own video content contained in any USB-connected storage device.



Buy Mohu Channels


Ditch cable and create your own TV viewing experience with Mohu Channels available now on for $149.


Limited-Time Bundle Offer: Mohu Channels + Mohu Leaf 30 available for $169.

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