Mohu Spotlight: Sky 60 HDTV Antenna

April 08, 2015

The Sky 60 HDTV antenna is a powerful and dependable outdoor long range HDTV antenna. Its contemporary good looks hide leading-edge US military technology that provides outstanding performance with little or no adjustment.

While it’s the perfect over the air HDTV antenna choice for rural cord cutters who are far away from broadcast towers, the Sky 60 is also a great choice for urban and suburban users.

If you live in a town like Bloomington, Minnesota for example, which is a suburb of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, using a Mohu Sky 60 antenna could potentially gain you 100s of free over air TV channels up to 60 miles away. No other HDTV over air antenna with such a compact design can offer the Sky 60’s performance and simplicity of use in so many different locations.


Product Overview

The Sky 60 HDTV antenna isn’t big, but it’s powerful! Weighing just 3 pounds, the  21″ x 1″ x 9″ lightning-resistant Sky 60 can obtain both UHF (up to 60 miles away) and VHF (up to 45 miles away) television signals.

The Sky 60 comes with 30 ft. of detachable coaxial cable, which can be replaced by a longer or shorter cable if needed.  It’s an amplified antenna, which is powered by a USB or included AC power cube.  The amplified signal eliminates RF signal interference and provides users with stable, clear television signals in high definition where available.

Sky 60 HDTV Antenna

The Sky 60 doesn’t have to be mounted outdoors, it can also be mounted in your attic with the included mounting kit. When used with a Jolt 4-Way Antenna Amplifier, the Sky 60 can be used to dial in over air channels for up to 4 separate TVs, making it an ideal choice for households with televisions in multiple rooms of their home.

As with all the Mohu antennas, the Sky 60 is a multidirectional HDTV antenna and thus it doesn’t have to be pointed or angled in a specific direction to effectively obtain TV signals over air. That’s great for maintaining captured signals under adverse weather conditions that may disturb antenna placement.

Sky 60 HDTV Antenna kit

The Sky 60 is Mohu’s most expensive antenna, but at only $149.99 it’s an investment in quality cord cutting equipment that will quickly pay for itself in the savings you’ll reap not paying for expensive cable and satellite TV each month.

If you enjoy viewing streaming media, consider adding a Mohu Channels device to the mix. This Mohu exclusive is a one of a kind tool for cordcutters, which provides users with an on-screen guide that integrates over air TV channels, apps like Netflix, and websites like Google into a handy guide.

User Considerations


All over air antennas are subject to fluctuations in weather. Rain, wind, and snow can affect your reception no matter what antenna you choose, but the Sky 60‘s powerful military-grade technology makes it much less susceptible than other antennas with a similar range.

While weather interference can be a frustrating issue when using any over air antenna, especially in severe weather, it’s a rare occurrence and something that can often be overcome by simply re-scanning for channels using your HDTV’s remote.


In an ideal over air antenna scenario, you would live in a flat area with broadcast towers in sight of your location. Since most of us don’t live in that ideal situation, terrain can be a factor with respect to channel reception.

Mountains, valleys, tall trees and buildings can all affect reception of over air channels, but the Sky 60 is powerful enough to overcome most of these things as long as your broadcast towers are within its 60 mile range.


A key factor in over air channel reception is antenna placement at your location. When placing the Mohu Sky 60, you have the option to install it outdoors or in your attic.

Placing the Sky 60 as high as possible is best. Try a few different placements with subsequent channel scans to find the best placement before mounting it at its permanent location.

If you have questions or concerns about which Mohu HDTV antenna will work best for you at your location, contact Mohu and they’ll answer all your questions, helping you to successfully cut the cord and enjoy free TV.

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