PlayStation Vue Channel Additions For Cord Cutters

March 28, 2017

Now that you’ve experienced PlayStation Vue with your free trial, you may have decided to stick with it—but maybe you’re craving even more content?

How To Get More PlayStation Vue Channels

PlayStation Vue subscribers can add to their existing subscription or subscribe monthly to a standalone channel.

Standalone channels don’t require a PlayStation Vue multi-channel subscription, making them a cheap way to try out a streaming service.

One of the best things about PlayStation Vue channel add-ons for new subscribers is that there are free trials for all of the available channels whether they are a standalone or added to a package.

Here are the current add-on channel offerings for PlayStation Vue.


…Addictive dramas, hilarious comedies, entertaining movies, thought-provoking documentaries, smart talk shows, sports and so much more.

HBO has become a powerhouse when it comes to original content, including award winning series like VEEP and Game Of Thrones.

HBO and Showtime premium channels are included in the PlayStation Vue Ultra Slim top-tier channel package ($64.99/ month).

Additionally HBO can be added to any of the other channel packages for $15/month or subscribed to as a standalone for the same price.

New subscribers enjoy a FREE 7-day trial.

If you subscribe to a PlayStation Vue channel package, you can view HBO East and HBO West live.

Whether you have HBO as part of a channel package subscription or as a standalone, your PlayStation Vue login and password can allow you to use the HBO NOW app on multiple devices at no extra cost.

This is a very cool feature as it allows you to view HBO series, sports and movies on demand.


…Current and classic Showtime® Original Series, live sports, hit movies, exclusive documentaries and comedy specials.

Shameless, Billions, Homeland, Ray Donovan and The Affair are my streaming addictions!

SHOWTIME and HBO are included in the PlayStation Vue’s Ultra Slim channel package or as single channel subscriptions.

SHOWTIME as a standalone channel is $10.99/month ($8.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

SHOWTIME is also available bundled with the EPIX channel for $13.99/month ($11.49 for PlayStation Plus subscriber) if added to an existing package.

SHOWTIME East and West live channels are available, but cannot be added to “My Shows”. SHOWTIME movies and series episodes can be saved to “My Shows” and the SHOWTIME Anytime app is accessible to anyone using their PlayStation Vue login credentials.

SHOWTIME has a 30-day FREE trial.


Hollywood movies and thrilling, action-packed original series that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you add it to an existing PlayStation Vue channel package or subscribe to it as a standalone channel, CINEMAX is $15/month with a 7-day FREE trial.

Live streams of CINEMAX East and CINEMAX West are available, but live programming cannot be stored to “My Shows”. You can store movies and multiple episodes of shows to the PlayStation cloud DVR.


BIG Hollywood movies, music spectacles, and stand-up comedy specials. All uncut and commercial free.

EPIX Hits is automatically included in the Elite Slim and Ultra Slim PlayStation Vue channel packages, and it can be purchased as an add-on in select markets for only $3.99/month ($2.99 with a PlayStation Plus subscription) if you have the Access Slim or the Access Core channel package.

EPIX is available bundled with SHOWTIME too. Added to any existing channel package or as a standalone for $13.99/month ($11.49/month with a PlayStation Plus subscription).

A new subscription to EPIX or EPIX with SHOWTIME comes with a 30-day FREE trial for new subscribers.

FOX Soccer Plus

FOX Soccer Plus delivers live action, from the world’s best soccer and international rugby competitions, to hardcore sports fans.

After a FREE 7-day trial, subscribers to this standalone channel will pay $14.99/month ($12.99/month with a PlayStation Plus subscription).

This channel can also be added to existing PlayStation Vue subscriptions.


For a mere $1.99/month subscribers to Machinima can enjoy this standalone PlayStation Vue channel and indulge their digital passion. It can also be added to existing channel packages.

Machinima is the most notorious purveyor and cultivator of fandom and gamer culture…We want to push the boundaries to completely conquer the space—creating, curating and celebrating the coolest stuff out there so there’s no other place anybody would even think to look.

Warner Bros acquired Machinima in November of 2016, making it likely that this channel is poised to grow.


Life is not a game. But it would be cooler if it was.

POLARIS by MAKER is a channel that gamers would undoubtedly enjoy adding to their PlayStation Vue experience.

Following a FREE 7-day trial, new POLARIS subscribers will be charged $2.99/month ($1.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

This is a standalone channel which can also be an add-on to existing multi-channel subscriptions.


 …New films to classic kung fu, HIYAH! features films from action and martial arts stars that include Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang, and from famed directors such as John Woo, Johnnie To and Park Chan-wook

This PlayStation Vue channel add-on is included in the Elite Slim and Ultra Slim channel packages at no extra charge.

It’s also a standalone subscription option for $2.99/month ($1.99/month for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

New subscribers get a 30-day FREE trial of HI-YAH! and can easily unsubscribe if you’re not into it.


CNN Espanol

The Español Pack brings some of the most popular Spanish language channels to PlayStation™Vue. Watch sports from top competitions, live news or enjoy a variety of family-friendly shows and movies.

To order this PlayStation Vue channel package you must already have a PlayStation Vue multi-channel subscription.

For new subscribers, you will get a 7-day FREE trial.

Included in the Español Pack are the following 8 channels:

  • beIN Sports en Español
  • CNN Español
  • Discovery Familia
  • FOX Deportes
  • FOX Life
  • Nat Geo Mundo
  • NBC Universo

It should be noted that FOX Deportes is already part of the Elite Slim and Ultra Slim PlayStation Vue channel subscriptions.

If purchased as an additional channel package for Core Slim or Access Slim, the additional cost is $4.99/month ($3.99/month with PlayStation Plus subscription).

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