Roku 4 Review: A powerful streaming box

November 04, 2015

The long-awaited Roku 4 is here! It is big, fast, and powerful and just one more reason more cord cutters tend to buy a Roku.

Let’s take a quick look at why the Roku 4 stands out and address some of the rumors about it.

Reasons to Get the Roku 4

Find My Remote

If you have a kid in the house or just often lose your remote, the Find My Remote feature is a huge plus for the Roku 4. Just press a button on the top of your Roku 4 box and your remote will start pinging away letting you know where you can find it. A must have for those with a two-year-old daughter like mine who hides the remote.


The Roku 4 streams 4K content at 60 frames per second compared to just 30 frames per second on the Fire TV 2. It will also auto upscale content to offer you the best possible picture. The Roku 4 picture looks great.

The Apps

While many of the apps on the Roku 4 are the same ones you will get with the Roku 3, some have been updated to take advantage of the more powerful Roku 4. The Amazon Instant app has been replaced with the Amazon Video app. The new Amazon app has a slightly different menu and defiantly offers higher quality video with 4K support. Other apps like the YouTube app have been updated to support 4K, and casting and playing YouTube videos is noticeably improved.

You will notice that some apps like Netflix that offers 4K do not seem to have any speed improvements over the Roku 3. You may have to wait for app developers to release a new app that is programed to take advantage of the new Roku OS7 and the faster processer and increased RAM.

Now For the Rumors

Fan Noise

Much has been made about a loud fan noise, but in our testing the Roku 4 was silent. Now with all major releases like the Roku 4 it is likely some of the boxes will be bad. When you are making a huge number of boxes in a short amount of time that will happen, but as you can see in our YouTube video the Roku 4 should be quiet. If you have a loud fan noise make sure you are not blocking the Roku 4’s vent, and if it still loud contact Roku for a replacement.

The Roku 4 Is Just Like the Roku 3

While it is true that the new Roku OS7 on the Roku 4 looks just like the Roku 3, the Roku 4 seems to be more stable. The Roku 3 we had froze up and apps crashed back to the home screen. The Roku 4 was stable in our testing over the weekend.

We noticed several apps like YouTube, Fox News, and Amazon that have taken the time to release updated versions for the Roku 4 have noticeable improvements. As time goes on you should expect to see more apps with new versions taking full advantage of the powerful system that is the Roku 4. In the meantime however, if you have a Roku 3, there’s no real need to rush out and upgrade.

Check out our video unboxing of the new Roku 4 to see what all comes with the device whether you decide to upgrade or are considering buying your very first streaming device.

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