Taking a Hard Look at NFL Game Pass

August 24, 2015

An On-demand Streaming Service for Serious Football Fans


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For many years, sports have been the one domain that the cord-cutting revolution has been unable to touch. However over the last several years, there have been more and more streaming options opening up for sports loving cord cutters. One of the few sports league that have been slow to support online streaming has been in the NFL; offering only day after streaming to US football fans in the form of NFL Rewind.



Bye Bye NFL Rewind




But in a surprise change of events, the NFL has announced that it will discontinue NFL Rewind and revamp its outside-the-US-only service NFL Game Pass to accommodate all NFL Fans. The newly revamped NFL Game Pass will target consumers looking to watch NFL games outside of their target market or those looking to watch NFL games after they air.



Hello NFL Game Pass


With the new service, NFL fans will be able to stream every NFL game after they air on live television; cutting down on the 24 hour waiting period that NFL Rewind consumers had to endure. Sadly, NFL Game Pass will not air the post-season or the Super Bowl (but, as we’ve highlighted before, the best way to watch the Super Bowl is with an OTA antenna).


Though you can’t watch current season post-season games, consumers will be able to watch every regular season, post-season, and Super Bowl game from 2009 to 2015. Game Pass will also feature an anti-spoiler feature called “Scores On/Off” that will allow fans to watch games without knowing the final score.


You’ll also get access to live out-of-market preseason games, coaches’ film, and more hardcore football fanatic content.



The Analyst in All of Us

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For the NFL analyst in all of us, Game Pass will also allow users to look at all 22 camera and end zone angles used to record the game. Users will be able to pause, rewind, and fast forward through each angle. If you’re short on time, NFL Game Pass will offer you 30-minute condensed games; showing you only the most important and exciting moments.


In an unprecedented move, NFL Game Pass will be available to Apple TV. This will be the first time full NFL games were available on the platform. Game Pass will also extend support to the Xbox One and 360.



Launch Date


NFL Game Pass was announced earlier this summer with no definitive launch date set; however, the service is now live and users can sign up with a 7-day free trial. They’ve also put together a pretty comprehensive NFL Game Pass tutorial for how to register and access games (from various devices) that’s worth reviewing.





With NFL Rewind now defunct, so goes the low pricing with it. The newly available NFL Game Pass service will cost you $99.99. Here’s a good rundown of what that $99.99 price tag gets you.


Regardless of price, the addition of a cable-free streaming option for NFL fans, is a huge step forward for cord cutters. Between the addition of Sling’s slew of ESPN channels, all the live games you can get with an antenna (Fox, ABC, CBS etc.), and the newly revamped NFL Game Pass, there is very little NFL content that is out of the reach of the cord cutter.

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