TBD is New Free Over-the-Air Network with Original Programming

March 03, 2017

A new golden age of over-the-air TV is being ushered in by the new digital TV revolution of the late 2000s. More and more over-the-air TV stations are being rolled out and current TV stations are expanding to more markets.

What is TBD?

The Sinclair Broadcast Group has joined the movement with its new over-the-air and online station called TBD TV. Launched February 13, 2017, with stations WLUK-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin, 5.3 in Syracuse, New York, and streamed online.

The programming is aimed at millennial audiences and combines online and over-the-air programs. Unlike some free over-the-air channels, this is not just one more network re-airing older content. It seems TBD’s schedule is made up of mostly new programing.

TBD Programming Line-Up

Early programs on TBD’s schedule include the following:

  • “10 Up”: information and “top ten lists” covering online gaming and eSports
  • “Because Science”: explanations of the science and physics behind fandom and fantasy figures, hosted by Kyle Hill
  • “While You Were…”: recaps the week’s top online news stories
  • “Best of the Week”: showcases the week’s best viral videos
  • “Big Red Lazor”: a hybrid talk show and video game competition
  • “QYOU UP”: weekday morning presentations of inspiring and inspirational videos and music
  • “QYOU ZONE”: showcases “the wildest, funniest, hottest web videos on the planet”
  • “QYOU PRIME”: early evening presentations of trending online videos and undiscovered features
  • “QYOU EDGE”: weird, wacky, and gritty web videos presented during TBD’s overnight hours
  • “This Week in Fails”: FailArmy’s showcase of epic fails(for example, stunt mishaps) caught on videotape
  • “TableTop”: Wil Wheaton and guests highlight and play various tabletop games

Here is a full list of TBD stations:


Little Rock KATV 7.4


Sanger/Fresno KFRE-TV 59.3

District of Columbia

Washington D.C. WJLA-TV 7.4


High Springs & Gainesville WGFL 28.3

Tallahassee WTLF 24.3

West Palm Beach WTCN-CA 43.3


Des Moines KDSM-TV 17.4


Danville & Lexington WDKY-TV 56.4


Minneapolis-Saint Paul WUCW 23.4 (Coming March 1, 2017)


Jefferson City & Columbia KRCG 13.4 (Coming soon)


Grand Island KHGI 13.3


Las Vegas KVCW 33.4

Reno KRNV 4.3

New York

Buffalo WUTV 29.2 (Coming soon)

Rochester WUHF 31.4

Syracuse WTVH 5.3


Tulsa KTUL 8.4 (Coming soon)


La Grande & Portland KUNP 16.2 (Coming soon)

Rhode Island

Providence WJAR 10.4

South Carolina

Columbia WACH 57.4

Hardeeville & Savannah, GA WTGS 28.4


San Antonio KABB 29.3


Salt Lake City KJZZ-TV 14.3


Lynchburg & Roanoke WSET-TV 13.4 (Coming soon)

Norfolk WTVZ 33.4 (Coming soon)


Bellevue & Seattle KUNS-TV 51.2

Kennewick KVVK-CD 15.3 (Coming soon)

Yakima KUNW-CD 2.3 (Coming soon)


Green Bay WLUK-TV 11.3

The Sinclair Broadcast Group says it will continue to roll out TBD TV across the United States throughout 2017.

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