Watch NCAA College Football Without Cable

December 04, 2014

Everybody’s working for the weekend. For college football fans, motivation is centered around Saturday. If you’re not one to catch the adrenaline-pumping action in person, the next best thing is to saddle up in your living room and catch your favorite squad. But how? If you’re not a cable subscriber, are you missing out (especially as Bowl Season draws closer)? The short answer is “No,” and we’ll show you several ways how you can retain your Saturday routine without paying for TV.


Traditional broadcast TV

With Mohu’s magic HDTV antennas*, you’ll be able to watch college football games out of the gate. First things first: check the updated broadcast TV schedule to plan your Saturdays accordingly. While most bowl games will be broadcast on ESPN or pay networks, there are other ways to intercept the action without signing a contract.


*Obligatory disclaimer that while awesome, our antennas are not actually “magic.”


Radio broadcasts

College Football Radio and Scores allows you to stream live audio of your favorite Division I college football teams, plus track scores and all the other goodies you’d expect.


For SirusXM subscribers, you can grab a front-row seat with your favorite teams from anywhere – in the car, on your computer, or even when soaking in an ice bath after backyard football goes awry.


College sports apps

We’ve mentioned theScore before, but it’s so good that it deserves a curtain call. Track multiple sports, including college football of course, in this critically acclaimed sports app. Grab it for iOS here. It should be noted that some reviewers seeking to find coverage for small/local colleges have had trouble in the past. Not a red flag per se, but just be aware there may be gaps in coverage that other apps may handle better.


College Football Scoreboard gives you up to the minute college football scores, schedules, news stories, and standings for all FBS and FCS conferences, plus Top 25 schools. While the link above is for iOS, this app is also available for Android devices.


Lastly for apps, we’ve got to give a nod to the 800-pound gorilla in the room. ESPN Championship Drive App is a solid companion for every college football fan. Video, in-depth analysis and a slew of other features make Championship Drive worthy of the ESPN branding. This app is also available for iOS devices, though the reviews suffer a bit on Apple products.


The best websites

For conference-specific coverage, you can’t go wrong with ESPN. They’ve got a handy directory to keep everything huddled up, complete with video highlights, conference-specific analysis and award-winning commentary.


If you want information from the source, look no further than NCAA’s college football coverage. No, it doesn’t have the flavor of ESPN, but it gets you the information you need. Of note, this link directs you to FBS coverage, but the site itself runs the gamut across all divisions and conferences.


Much like their coverage of the NFL, CBS Sports does a stellar job with college football. Video clips, analysis and more.


Do you have a playbook for catching the hottest college football games without paying for cable TV? Share your best tips on Facebook!

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