Week 3 NFL Over-the-Air TV Schedule by Region

September 25, 2015

Weekly Review of Games Broadcast in Your Area

As the NFL rolls on into week 3 of the regular season, and as expectations begin to rise, it is slowly becoming harder to decide which match to watch live. There are only so many hours in a given day, which means hard choices will have to be made.

But have no fear cord cutting friends, today we are going to take a look at this week’s complete NFL over-the-air TV schedule and highlight some of the top match-ups for this coming week and how to watch them so that you can better answer the question “What NFL game should I watch this week?”

Are you ready for some football? Then let’s get started!

Week 3 NFL Schedule

First let’s take a look at this week’s complete schedule along with what channels each game will be aired on (note: all but Monday Night Football are available on one of the major broadcast networks):

Week 3 Schedule

(courtesy of nfl.com/schedules)

NFL Broadcast Schedule by Location

Now let’s take a look at which games you will get access to, based on your location, using your OTA Antenna.

CBS: Early Sunday Games

map 3

(courtesy of 506Sports.com)

Featured Matchups: 

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs. St. Louis Rams – CBS, 1:00 p.m. ET
  • San Diego Chargers vs. Minnesota Vikings – CBS, 1:00 p.m. ET

CBS: Midday Sunday Games

(courtesy of 506Sports.com)

Featured Matchup: Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks – CBS, 4:25 PM ET

With each team coming off a loss from last week and currently sitting at 0-2, both Bears and Seahawks will be under pressure to pull out a victory this week. The Seahawks will have the home team advantage plus the 12th Man, but home field didn’t help the Bears last week when they were defeated 48-23 at home. Both teams have something to prove this week, so expect some big plays this Sunday.

FOX: All-Day Sunday Games

(courtesy of 506Sports.com)

Featured Matchup: Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys – Fox, 1:00 PM ET

Get ready to have your finger resting on the recall button; because while you’re watching the Steelers/Rams or Chargers/Vikings, you’ll also want to tune into the Falcons and Cowboys matchup. Although both teams are 2-0, the Cowboys will be at a slight disadvantage without their star quarterback Tony Romo (out with a broken clavicle). Can Atlanta exploit this weakness and pull off a win or will the home team advantage be too strong? We’ll find out.

NBC: Sunday Night Football

Featured Matchup: Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions – NBC, 8:30 PM ET

The 2-0 Broncos will head into the Lion’s den this week as the 0-2 Lions play in their first home game of the season. Doubts still remain as to whether the Lion’s quarterback, Matthew Stafford, will have recovered enough from his injury last week. The Broncos are a tough team, but the air of desperation and the home field advantage will prove to make Lions a fierce opponent all the same. No matter your location, you’ll be able to tune into this and all SNF on NBC match-ups.

ESPN: Monday Night Football

Featured Matchup: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers – ESPN, 8:30 PM ET

Coming off of a stunning 4th quarter defeat at the hands of the Denver Broncos, the Chiefs are hungry for a win this week. Although Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game right now, the last time the Packers played the Chiefs they lost by five points and Rodgers was sacked four times. Do you think history will repeat itself?

The Many Ways to Watch Football Without Cable

Now that we know what games to watch, let’s briefly discuss how to watch them all. First, you’ll need an OTA antenna to pick up the broadcast networks (CBS, FOX, NBC). You’ll also need a subscription to Sling TV in order to pick up the Chiefs/Packers game on ESPN. It costs $20 a month, but trust me when I say you’ll get your money’s worth (plus you can cancel and re-subscribe if/whenever you like).

Of course, when it comes to over-the-air broadcasts of NFL games what game you see is dependent on what market you fall into. But it’s free and in HD, so it’s hard to beat, especially if you cheer for your local team or are more of a general football fan than a diehard. Even if you’re a diehard, there are options that give you greater control and flexibility at a lower cost than a traditional cable or satellite subscription.

For the diehards or fans of out-of-market games, here’s what you can do. You can subscribe to the NFL’s streaming service NFL Game Pass. With Game Pass, you can watch any NFL game on the day it airs. The games become available for streaming as soon as they end, so you won’t be able to watch live; but with as many games as there are on Sunday, you won’t go without. You can also start a free 7 day trial with Game Pass, so why not try it out this week? If you like it, it’ll set you back $99 for the season.

What are your picks for NFL Week 3? Sound off in the comments below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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