What We Love About the Mohu Leaf and Curve

February 18, 2014

HDTV Antenna, HD TV AntennaMohu makes three great HDTV antennas: the Leaf,  the Curve designer antenna and the Sky attic antenna. The Leaf and the Curve are indoor antennas and the Sky can be used either inside or outside. For now, we’re going to focus on what makes the Leaf and the Curve such great antennas. The Mohu Leaf is Mohu’s first product and remains one of the best selling indoor HDTV antennas on Amazon. The original Mohu Leaf was handmade and had the electronics sandwiched between two laminated sheets of paper and was first sold at a weekend flea market here in Raleigh, NC. The original flexible, paper thin design worked so well that the paper thin design remains one of the Leaf’s key features. As an added bonus, it is still made in America.

What else do we like about the Leaf? It’s not much bigger than an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper, can be painted to match your decor and with a black side and white side it often blends in. It has the flexibility to be placed in a window or behind a picture and in some cases it nestles next to the TV. Compared to its competitors, it’s a pretty good looking antenna and avoids the “lobster trap” look that makes other antennas so…obvious.

Now, if you want the great functionality of the Mohu Leaf but really desire a more sleek and modern design that fitscurve-bookshelf-closeupweb_1 in any room, the Curve is the antenna for you. It fits your decor just by sitting quietly on a bookshelf or on your TV stand. The Wirecutter described the Mohu Curve as, “(an) antenna that actually looked good when it was in plain view. The one that really nailed the whole aesthetics/performance combination is the Mohu Curve 50, an amped antenna that looks like a little sail or a curved, blank picture frame.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.19.23 AMSpeaking of amplifying, both the Mohu Leaf and the Mohu Curve come in unamplified and amplified versions. What’s the difference? One of the things that affect reception is the antenna’s distance from the local TV towers. If you are 30 miles or less from the TV towers, then an unamplified antenna should work just fine. If you are between 30 and 50 miles from your TV towers, then you will most likely need an amplified antenna. Want to know how far you are from your towers? Look no further than our TV for Free tool on the Mohu website. The handy map at the bottom gives you a nice visual (our example is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina).

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