Why OTA+Streaming Content+Web = "A Cord-Cutter's Dream"

February 26, 2014

The TV and cable industry are undergoing a lot of disruptions and the only thing consumers can be sure of is that more disruptions are on the way.  Aereo will be appearing before the Supreme Court in April. Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, is about to gobble up Time Warner Cable. The combined company will be in a race to the bottom in customer  service while it provides broadband to 40% of US households.  And Netflix inked a deal with Comcast in which Netflix will pay Comcast for faster and more reliable access to Comcast’s subscribers. It’s enough to make a consumer’s head spin.

But, Mohu to the rescue! Our Channels product, currently available via Kickstarter and shipping in June of this year, will solve your TV woes and make TV watching simpler and more enjoyable. We may be fully funded on Kickstarter, but there are still units for sale on Kickstarter. Don’t miss out! Channels combines our top-selling Mohu Leaf with a small device that hooks up to your TV’s HDMI port. Put those all together and consumers can get great over-the-air (OTA) content, streaming content and internet. No switching of devices or inputs and it’s easy enough (really) for a child to set up. Channels has a fully integrated channel guide so users can see what’s on OTA and the full QWERTY keyboard remote makes searching for content a cinch.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what industry leaders have to say:


Amadou Diallo from Forbes writes, “my Roku box is getting more than a little jealous.”

Tom’s Guide says, “Its signature feature is a “Channel Guide,” which resembles the programming grid on a cable or satellite box, but can integrate links to video apps such as Netflix that users can install as well as links to specific webpages that they want to bookmark, such as Yahoo or Pinterest, together with listings for channels such as CBS or ABC.”

Digital Trends describes Mohu’s Channels as, “But what if there  were a single device that bundled up broadcast TV and all of that online content  into an intuitive interface that felt just like the channel flipping we’re already used to?”

GigaOM writer Janko Roettgers describes Channels as, “It’s an interesting approach, and one that’s clearly geared towards a more mainstream audience used to cable boxes and their TV guides, as opposed to advanced cord cutters that only watch online video anyway.”

Channels OTAThe disruption in the TV industry isn’t going to be left to the big players, the cable companies, and the Supreme Court. Smaller players, like Mohu, with an industry leading antenna and a revolutionary new way of organizing OTA, streaming and web content will contribute to the TV industry disruptions. But unlike the cable companies, Mohu is consumer-centric, focused on ways to bring a great viewing experience to users at a reasonable price. Get your Channels on Kickstarter today. We call it “A Cord-Cutter’s Dream.”

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