AirWave Wireless HDTV Network Streaming Device


Mohu AirWave is a game-changing wireless OTA+OTT device that integrates live, local broadcast TV with free streaming video across popular streaming devices including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android, iOS, and more. This breakthrough device offers cord cutters the most open and flexible TV viewing option on the market with Free TV Everywhere. 

Mohu AirWave is available in three antenna variations depending on your location. For metropolitan areas, AirWave Standard is ideal with a 30-mile range antenna. For people in the suburbs, AirWave Plus includes a 40-mile range antenna. AirWave Premium is ideal for rural areas and includes an attic/outdoor antenna to reach up to 70 miles.

AirWave combines live, local channels with streaming video in a familiar cable-like program guide, complete with program descriptions, ability to select favorite channels, and view up to 14 days of upcoming content.
AirWave is a wireless antenna, so Wi-Fi connection allows AirWave to be set up anywhere in your home, giving you freedom to set it up in the optimal spot for over-the-air reception. In just a few steps, you’ll connect AirWave to the Mohu TV app on your preferred compatible streaming device. Once it’s set up, you can view local broadcast stations plus streaming video channels in a familiar, cable-like TV guide.

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