Attic / Outdoor 60 Mile HDTV Antenna (Open Box)


These antennas have minor, cosmetic blemishes and have passed the same rigorous testing as our new models. Defects are cosmetic, minor, and can include light scratching. You'll receive one of three different heads shapes, but all perform in a similar manner. Limited quantities, so act fast and order yours today!

The Attic / Outdoor 60 Mile HDTV Antenna offers a completely new take on the traditional long range antenna. Weighing in at only 3 pounds, it is powerful, amplified antenna solution that was developed from research for the United States military. The antenna design is unlike anything that you will find in texts, literature or competitor's products. Similar to the Leaf antenna or Leaf Ultimate, this antenna is multidirectional and does not have to be constantly readjusted for optimal signal strength.

The Attic / Outdoor 60 Mile HDTV Antenna is small, powerful, and unique. With the ability to provide uncompressed HD broadcast to multiple televisions in a home with a range of 60 miles, users will not have to settle with a large, bulky or more expensive rooftop-mounted antenna. The unique design allows it to be easily mounted in an attic where other antennas are simply too large.

The Attic / Outdoor 60 Mile HDTV Antenna features a tightly integrated low noise state-of-the-art digital amplifier to increase the signal range and improve the quality of the HD broadcast signals. The amplifier is powered via a USB port or with the included power cube.

Product Dimensions: 21 in x 1 in x 9 in.

Cord length: Detachable 30 ft. high performance cable

Antenna Mounting Kit Included

Connector: 75 ohm F connector

Pattern: Multidirectional reception

Gain: 15 dB

Lightning Resistant

Download the User Manual