Jolt® 4-way Antenna Amplifier


Mohu’s Jolt® 4-Way Distribution Amplifier allows splitting of the RF signal from powerful, amplified HDTV antennas like Mohu’s Sky, then provides signal to four TV receivers, providing a whole home solution. The ergonomically designed Jolt 4-Way is highly unique in the following ways:

  • Beautifully designed form makes it easy to connect multiple RF cables into this splitter
  • Integrated amplifier solution has a compact circuit design, extremely low loss, with the highest gain on the market, and can easily manage more than 100’ of RF cable loss
  • The 1x4 configuration accommodates most home TV networks. By implementing integrated the RF amplifier and efficiently designed high-pass filtration makes the Jolt 4-Way a standout among all other splitters of its kind.
  • Amplifies the signal prior to splitting the signal, preserving the amplitude and quality of the signal to be routed to each of the four televisions.

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