Leaf® Metro Indoor HD TV Antenna


Award-Winning Indoor TV Antenna

Mohu Leaf Metro is an award-winning non-amplified HDTV antenna. Ideal for city dwellers, dorm rooms, workshops, tailgates, or RVs, Leaf Metro packs a mighty punch in an ultra slim, compact design. Borrowing from the design of its larger relatives in the Mohu Leaf Family, Leaf Metro provides the highest quality reception in the smallest possible form.


Leaf Metro is Easy to Install

Proudly made in USA, the patented Leaf Metro is a paper-thin indoor TV antenna that simply connects to your TV using the included detachable 10 ft. coaxial cable. Mount it on your wall, hide it behind a picture- you can place it just about anywhere. Setup is as easy as plugging it in, turning on your TV, and scanning for channels.


Most Popular Free TV Channels and Shows

Watch 100% free TV in crystal clear HD (up to 1080 HD and ready for 4K UltraHD) from available over-the-air broadcast networks in your area, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision and more


Must-Have for Cord Cutting

While cable TV rates continue to increase at more than 4x the rate of US inflation, 94 of the top 100 most watched TV shows are broadcast over-the-air according to Nielsen. That means 94% of the top viewed programming is available for free with an HDTV antenna. Plus, with over-the-air broadcasts, you can enjoy better HD quality reception than with cable or satellite because digital TV broadcasts are uncompressed.


Reviews for Leaf Metro HDTV Antenna

“Leaf Metro is one of the best and downright cheapest ways for cord-cutters to access free TV content.” -Digital Trends


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Best-in-Class Technology

Depending on your model, Mohu TV Antennas can pull in your favorite over-the-air shows and channels up to 60 miles away in uncompressed 1080 HD, and are future-proofed 4K ready. If your model is amplified, our Clean Peak filters ensure the highest signal integrity. Our newest models are amplified with new FirstStage technology,  where the amplifier is located right next to the antenna, This sets the noise floor of the digital system and mitigates the loss created by the coaxial cable, resulting in less pixelation for you to enjoy a crystal-clear picture. 

No Pointing Needed

Multidirectional by design, no "pointing" is needed when setting up your Mohu TV antenna. A high performance coaxial cable is included, giving you ultimate flexibility to place the antenna almost anywhere. Mount it on a wall, place on a tabletop, you can even put it in your attic -- our slim design compliments any home entertainment setup.

Ultimate Flexibility

Mohu TV antennas come with high performance coaxial cable, giving you ultimate flexibility to place the antenna almost anywhere. Our insulated outer sheath provides durablility and strength, while the 90% Metallic Shield is the highest standard to prevent signal loss. Mohu cables have a superior Coper Core Conductor, and the inner dialectric insulator results in consistent conduction. This may be the only cord you don't want to cut!

Did you know that 94 of the Top 100 TV shows are available over-the-air?

A high-quality Mohu antenna can get you access to almost limitless free TV. To find out what'd available in your area, use our fast free tool (no sign-up required).

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