Sail 75-Mile Outdoor HD TV Antenna (Open Box)


Powerful Outdoor Antenna

Mohu’s latest TV antenna innovation comes in the form of the stylish and powerful Sail outdoor antenna. Sail boasts a 75 mile range and has 4-in-1 versatility, allowing you to place it as an attic antenna, rooftop, outdoor siding, or indoors. Amplified with new FirstStage technology, the amplifier is located right next to the HD TV antenna, setting the noise floor of the digital system and mitigating the loss created by the coaxial cable.

Easy Installation
Sail is designed to be an outdoor TV antenna or placed in an attic. Easy to install and comes with all necessary mounting hardware, including a 30 foot coaxial cable. Simply mount your HD antenna for TV in the highest convenient location in your attic or outside. Certified refurbished by the manufacturer, Sail Digital Antenna for HD TV shows minimal or no wear at all. Sail's stylish curved design will look great wherever you place the digital tv antenna in your home.

Free TV in Clearer HD than Cable or Satellite
Sail television antenna gives you access to popular over the air channels and shows, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, The CW, Univision, and more -- all absolutely FREE TV. And because over-the-air broadcasts are uncompressed, your Sail outdoor tv antenna is capable of delivering the clearest high-definition picture possible, noticeably better than cable and satellite providers. 

Channel Reception May Vary Based on Your Area

Channel reception will vary based on what is broadcast in your area, your distance from broadcast towers, and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers. Before you buy, use Mohu’s web tool to see what channels are available in your area. Channel reception depends primarily on geographical location and terrain. ESPN and FOX News (among other cable channels) are not available via free HDTV broadcast.


Best-in-Class Technology

Depending on your model, Mohu TV Antennas can pull in your favorite over-the-air shows and channels up to 60 miles away in uncompressed 1080 HD, and are future-proofed 4K ready. If your model is amplified, our Clean Peak filters ensure the highest signal integrity. Our newest models are amplified with new FirstStage technology,  where the amplifier is located right next to the antenna, This sets the noise floor of the digital system and mitigates the loss created by the coaxial cable, resulting in less pixelation for you to enjoy a crystal-clear picture. 

No Pointing Needed

Multidirectional by design, no "pointing" is needed when setting up your Mohu TV antenna. A high performance coaxial cable is included, giving you ultimate flexibility to place the antenna almost anywhere. Mount it on a wall, place on a tabletop, you can even put it in your attic -- our slim design compliments any home entertainment setup.

Ultimate Flexibility

Mohu TV antennas come with high performance coaxial cable, giving you ultimate flexibility to place the antenna almost anywhere. Our insulated outer sheath provides durablility and strength, while the 90% Metallic Shield is the highest standard to prevent signal loss. Mohu cables have a superior Coper Core Conductor, and the inner dialectric insulator results in consistent conduction. This may be the only cord you don't want to cut!

Did you know that 94 of the Top 100 TV shows are available over-the-air?

A high-quality Mohu antenna can get you access to almost limitless free TV. To find out what'd available in your area, use our fast free tool (no sign-up required).

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